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01 Jan 2022

CEO Announcement: Jon Hopkins

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jon Hopkins as CEO of Novelty Technology.  Mr. Hopkins will guide the organization in its mission to act as a strategic partner to companies that build mission-critical healthcare, financial and other platforms.  Jon will also serve as CEO of Vitafy Health, a subsidiary of Novelty Technology, a… View Article
Ojash Shrestha
01 Jun 2020

Vitafy, A Free-Market HealthCare

Vitafy Health is a free-market healthcare platform that connects doctors, consumers and employers to high quality, personal and affordable care. The solution is built around the Direct Primary Care and Care team to help self-pay patients navigate through the complex healthcare. Novelty Technology partnered with Vitafy to build the technology. The project started in the fall… View Article
Ojash Shrestha
01 May 2020

Client Spotlight: SpeakPulse

  SpeakPulse is  mobile app- and web-based speech software tool that analyzes sample audio recordings of individuals, and provides a composite score indicating the individual’s speaking level, called their SpeakPulse. The score is based on several key variables, including clarity, speech rate, the number of filler words (such as “umm” or “uh” or “like”), and repetitions… View Article
Ojash Shrestha
15 Apr 2020

Client Spotlight: Knighthead Annuity & Life Insurance

Knighthead Annuity and Life Assurance Headquartered in the Cayman Islands, Knighhead “serves global clients who are seeking financial products that provide principal protection, guaranteed returns and features that include liquidity, death benefits and a choice of income options to deliver predictable future income.” Novelty’s focus is to enhance their security infrastructure and reporting platform for their… View Article
Ojash Shrestha
02 Oct 2018

Software Development: Engage a Partner Rather Than a Vendor to Ensure Success

Is your company planning on developing new software, or creating a mobile application to enhance your business? If so, great! These projects can truly make a difference, however once you commit to the decision, before you move forward it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Prior to launching your initiative an array of… View Article
Ojash Shrestha