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29 Nov 2023

Senior Software Engineer / Technical Lead

Location: Charlotte, NC

Break free from the corporate rut and join our dynamic IT company as a Senior Software Engineer. You have the skills and expertise we need, but we also want your passion and drive. In our fun and collaborative work culture, your ideas and input will be valued and your work will be fulfilling.


  • Analyze product requirements and plan work schedules for the team.
  • Define tasks and achieve daily, weekly, and monthly goals.
  • Guide the team through technical issues and challenges.
  • Bridge the gap between the development team and the business team.
  • Involve continuously in solution design and problem-solving activities.
  • Liaise with team members, management, and clients to ensure projects are completed on time to standards.
  • Identify risks and form contingency plans as soon as possible.
  • Motivate team members and create a space where they can ask questions and voice their opinions.
  • Be transparent with the team about challenges, failures, and successes.
  • Write progress reports and deliver presentations to the relevant stakeholders.

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16 Jul 2023

Solution Architect

Location: Charlotte, NC

As a Solution Architect, you will play a crucial role in designing and implementing technology solutions to address business challenges. This role requires a deep understanding of business needs and the ability to translate them into effective and scalable technical solutions. You will work closely with clients, stakeholders, and development teams to ensure that the proposed solutions align with the overall architecture and meet the organization’s strategic goals.


  • Evaluating, identifying and developing software solutions.
  • Documenting and recording every aspect of an application or software.
  • Training and overseeing the activities of the members of the development team.
  • Planning, tracking, and scheduling software deliverables.
  • Participate in product planning and assist the project manager in creating the product backlog items and verifying the weekly status reports and time sheets.
  • Locating and directing solutions for critical challenges involving software and hardware interfaces.
  • Looking for problems within software systems and resolving issues.
  • Developing good working relationships with other employees, such as Business Analyst, Product Managers, QA Engineers, Programmers and Engineers
  • Working in Agile software development model and assisting in developing solutions across functional teams.
  • Assist team with the DevOps processes and follow the proper transition from different environments (development environment to UAT environment and finally to the production environment)
  • Participate and assist in the management and administrative activities.
  • Actively coordinate and involve in defining goals and direction of the company.
  • Involve in the interview, review, and manage resources across the projects.

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