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Client Spotlight: SpeakPulse

Ojash Shrestha
01 May 2020


SpeakPulse is  mobile app- and web-based speech software tool that analyzes sample audio recordings of individuals, and provides a composite score indicating the individual’s speaking level, called their SpeakPulse.

The score is based on several key variables, including clarity, speech rate, the number of filler words (such as “umm” or “uh” or “like”), and repetitions that are identified during a sample recording. With scores and recordings, SpeakPulse serves as an assessment tool for companies seeking to train their clients or employees, and for individuals seeking to improve their verbal communication skills primarily for job seeking opportunities, and better work performance.

Novelty developed SpeakPulse’s proprietary algorithms as well as aspects of IBM Watson’s speech recognition system to measure the various components of the total speech score, or SpeakPulse .

Mobile App Development

Novelty Technology has over ten year’s experience designing customer interfaces for Apps that work on Android and IOS devices. Our in-house team of designers and developers form an integrated team to simultaneously listen, design and code to the exact requirements of our client’s project.

By leveraging the specific client requirements, the Novelty team applies the best of breed technology and programming to develop applications that is fast, secure and easy to use for the end users.

Let’s start a conversation about the idea and develop a smart, flexible mobile app that supports your company and your end customer.

Ojash Shrestha
About Author

Ojash is a technology and social entrepreneur who has been in the software industry for 20+ years. He strives for simplicity. He believes that it's easy to make things complex but it's harder to make it simple.

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