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Software Development: Engage a Partner Rather Than a Vendor to Ensure Success

Ojash Shrestha
02 Oct 2018

Is your company planning on developing new software, or creating a mobile application to enhance your business? If so, great! These projects can truly make a difference, however once you commit to the decision, before you move forward it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Prior to launching your initiative an array of difficult, and sometimes confusing, software development choices should be addressed. As a company you have to identify the appropriate functionality of your software, the solutions you think it should provide, and how it should best be interacted with by your end user. Your company also has to try to determine what it will cost in terms of time and money, and if that will align with your budget.

For a company that is trying to grow and progress rapidly, the burden of having to keep track of, and maintain, software choices can be rather distracting. Partnering up with a software development company that not only specializes in building great software solutions, but also takes responsibility related to the technical side of the application helps relieve some of this burden. Your company therefore, is free to focus on moving forward by working on and innovating in the areas of your expertise, while still benefiting from the support of a tech company that understands your vision.

At this point, the software company becomes your development partner rather than just a development vendor. It allows them to take more ownership of the software development responsibilities and to make wiser decisions on behalf of you, the software owners.

Of course, a deep understanding of the client’s requirements and vision are essential to achieve this, and while looking for such a software company, its track record with its other clientele is a crucial component. A responsible and professional software development partner company will help provide the software owner with an assurance of quality work, completed within the proper time-frame and with timely and astute ongoing support.

To provide some additional insight, we’ll dive a bit deeper into what you want from a quality, time and cost perspective:


For a startup and growing business, the quality of the software carries a lot of weight in ensuring the business’s success. The sales team works so hard to bring in new clients, and once they are onboard it’s up to the technical team to keep them happy and excited. That can only be achieved by delivering high quality software.

A software of high quality is BOLD and BEAUTIFUL. From a user’s perspective, it must be so simple and easy to use, that they spend less time learning about the software and more time using it to get work done. From a growth perspective, the underlying framework and architecture must be strong and flexible so it can easily scale and be maintained.

A development partner who can take ownership of the quality of software would mean the software will have a much better chance of achieving its functional goals, along with being easy for you to use.

The less time the application software takes during development and testing the better it is for you, the company commissioning it. Not only in terms of the hours spent during development, but in most cases losing time during development could also translate into losing potential business.

Often development companies will estimate less development time to entice you (the potential client) in order to win the project. It takes a sound understanding of your requirements, coupled with self awareness in their own development capabilities and experience for a company to be able estimate an accurate timeline.

Further, a responsible software development partner is also willing to go the extra mile, and burn the midnight oil to get the project back on track if it ever starts to deviate from the timeline while trying to reach milestones. Taking responsibility is one of the key factors of being a great software development partner that often goes overlooked.


Cost is a very important aspect of any development project. After all the software is built and leveraged to enhance your business, so it is not good when it instead becomes a burden to it.

A great software development partner offers experienced and skilled developers capable of working within the cost and time constraints of your company. Minimizing cost and maximizing productivity is essential to the success of the project, and it starts from the planning phase. A happy client is one who gets what they asked for, within the planned deadline; and at the exact estimated budget.


Where does Novelty Technology stands in all of this?
Novelty Technology strives not just to be the software developer you’d hire, rather we want to be your development partner and build a long-term, trusting relationship with you. Partnering with Novelty means peace of mind for you as we take ownership of the software, sharing your burden and guiding you through the often confusing decisions that arise throughout a project. We strive to build your software in such a way that makes it the most productive not only for you, but also to your clients who will be the end users of your product.

If you’re considering launching a software or mobile application development project, please feel free to reach out to us so we can help!

Ojash Shrestha
About Author

Ojash is a technology and social entrepreneur who has been in the software industry for 20+ years. He strives for simplicity. He believes that it's easy to make things complex but it's harder to make it simple.

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